Hello there! I am glad to welcome you to my website! Or shall I say I am proud to welcome you into my world!

My name is Katerina Demetriou. I am a BA photography graduate, continuing my passion for photography into my professional life.

I am driven by the joy that still images bring to people. I strive to capture those precious details that people might otherwise forget or even overlook.

A clever person with distinct poetic aspiration once said that camera has a power to create magic. Personally I don't believe that, but I do believe that camera has a power to seize magic of a moment that people are not even aware of.

I specialize in wedding photography, but I am also available for christenings, birthdays, engagement parties and other similar social events based in London. I also do portrait photography.

As a part of our regular services we offer high quality hi-res printing at locations. This popular option is ideal for birthdays, charity events, dinners and dances.

Alternatively, we offer purchase of digital copies on USB drive or we can simply email the files of your choice to your email address.

Please, take a moment to visit my gallery pages and check samples of my professional work. I hope you will like my photos and that you will be able to recognize in them my passion for photography and the pride I take in my work.

And of course, I hope to hear from you soon.

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created by zeldesign